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2021年 12/02 至 12/05


💃 歐洲文化表演節目與活動
💗 慈善摸彩抽獎&耶誕主題活動

🎅 最聖誕佳節的氣氛和裝飾

很開心的宣布2021年的歐洲聖誕市集計畫即將正式展開了!今年將會是四天的活動,並且地點會在台北最知名的地點 – 信義香堤大道廣場以及人行道,新光三越旁。2021耶誕市集將落腳在這全台最熱鬧的時尚購物街區,真的是再完美不過的地點了。


➡️ 【慈善機構 合作/ Charity】
– 向台灣與在台外籍居民們分享 🇪🇺 歐洲文化與 🎄 耶誕精神。
– 慈善活動
– 幫助在地弱勢兒童
– 主辦單位
🇫🇷 台灣法國人協會 (AFT)
CCSA 社團法人中華育幼機構兒童關懷協會


然而因為我們AFT是個非營利組織機構,所以在活動的所得都會捐助到 CCSA 社團法人中華育幼機構兒童關懷協會。




🌟 2021 European Christmas Market 🎄🎅🏻

Following the spectacular success of the 2020 Taipei European Christmas Market, we are delighted to announce the 2021 Edition!

To accommodate more visitors than last year, the 2021 Taipei European Christmas Market will last 4 days!

The objective of the event remains to share the spirit of Christmas and the European way of life with our friends in Taiwan. The event will bring together European foods, drinks, crafts and cultural performances, all in one location.

Our 4-day-event will take place again at the most famous venue in Taipei, Xiangti Avenue Plaza and it sidewalks, next to Mitsukoshi department stores (Xinyi). Being the top-frequented pedestrian shopping avenue makes this venue the perfect location for our Holly-Jolly Christmas Market Event.

Bring your loved ones along to celebrate the Christmas season! Get a taste of Europe without having to travel abroad!

💗💗💗💗 FOR A GOOD CAUSE 💗💗💗💗

Like last year (2020), we will promote the Christmas solidarity spirit in Taiwan, bringing the Taiwanese public closer to our European communities; and share love by supporting a charitable cause in relation to children in need. Indeed, as a not-for-profit organization composed of volunteers only, the Association des Français (AFT) is committed to donating all the profit generated to:

💗 CCSA (Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association /社團法人中華育幼機構兒童關懷協會)

Together we could certainly have an impact on the life of these children in need.

🇪🇺 European Food / Beverages / Crafts / Gifting
🎪 European Cultural Performances
💗 Charity Event & Lucky Draws
🎄 European Christmas Spirits
🎅 Christmas vibes and decorations

2021 December 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 (from 11am to 10 pm).

Xiangti Avenue Plazza, next to Mitsukoshi department stores (Xinyi).